my story

Flower Givers,

This floral journey started in hopes of me being able to leave the corporate world and do something that makes me feel good, which would have to include people, writing, and leaving a legacy for my daughter. I spent my whole life hearing others say how amazing I would be at this or that, always something that involved me working for them and helping their dreams come true. I wanted something that was mine, something that all my energy would go into and be so challenging, but in the end – it was my dream I was working towards. 

 My mom has over 25 years in the flower business and growing up around flowers, I remember the joy I felt when I went to work with my mom and was surrounded by colorful beauties in the form of fresh cut flowers. Whether is was making my own bouquet or seeing the office surrounded by something that brought it so much life, flowers just made me feel good. I realized that I wanted to do something that brought people joy, and brightened up their days and their lives. It was a feeling that not everyone got to experience or see them the way i did. Suddenly it just clicked, I was going to bring flowers to them. 

My mom has such a passion for what she does and when she sees flowers, and watching the way she looked at them made a light bulb in my head turn on. I realized that not everyone has time to go out and get flowers for their loved ones. These days, everyone is always rushing and on the go. Being able to give flowers, and receive them, is a feeling everyone should be able to experience no matter how busy they are. For these reasons I created a mobile flower business that would make it easier for others to purchase flowers and be able to GIVE them to loved ones. On top of being able to spend my day conversing with others, sharing stories, and brightening up their day with flowers, I’ll be able to create and write my 2nd blog and share these amazing moments and stories of GIVING with others.


I hope that PetalKarma brings you joy in giving flowers, as I have joy in sharing these beauties with you.



Happy Giving,


Chief Petal Pusher / Founder of PetalKarma