Petal It Forward by SAF

Hello Flower Givers,


We are so excited to be participating in this years Annual celebration of Petal It Forward. SAF (The Society of American Florists) has created an event that is geared around the feel good feelings associated with giving the gift of flowers. Therefore, they ask hundreds of florists nationwide to participate in this event and inspire others in their city/town to #PetalItForward. The idea behind this event is to educate others on the benefits of giving flowers, a lot to do with my previous posts. It’s been researched and proven that giving flowers makes you FEEL GOOD.

For this event what we will do is give out two bouquets to everyone, one will be for you and the other will be for you to GIVE to someone else. Therefore you get to experience being given flowers, and then giving flowers to others.

We are going to start off our event at Mara’s Fish House located at 7400 NW South River Drive Bay 5 from 11am – 2pm giving away flowers. And then we go where the day takes us !


Stay tuned for updates,


Happy Giving !


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