healing petals

Flower Givers,


Since my business is based on the feel good feeling associated with giving the gift of flowers, I thought it was appropriate to dedicate my first blog entry to just that, the healing powers of flowers.

The gifts that we give to others, say a lot about us. It says a lot about how we perceive the other person and more so what feelings we wanted to bring about. Maybe some new sports memorabilia might be the perfect gift for a grandfather who cherishes his memories of being a young boy playing sports.  For my grandma, it’s bringing food from a Cuban Bakery because it makes her think of home. Everyone is different, and luckily this world has something for everyone. But maybe it’s not all associated with a material object. Maybe this time, you want to give a gift that is simple but just makes that person feel good.

Flowers, is one of the few gifts that speaks volumes despite the occasion, since there are so many you can celebrate with flowers. From positively impacting your happiness, calmness, intimacy, and well-being, the fact is that flowers make the perfect gift because they are the gift that keeps on giving. They make you feel good when receiving them and make you feel even better when you are giving them. They bring so much joy, come in so many colors and shapes, and bring LIFE to any home or office.

Studies show that flowers have been used as a holistic form of healing. They have a long term effect on moods and have been proven to make even the grumpiest people smile. Patients participating in studies have expressed feeling less depressed, agitated, and anxious just by experiencing those feel good feelings associated with receiving flowers. People who are happy, enjoy life more, and why wouldn’t you want that for anyone you love?

We all live in this crazy on the go life and rarely ever time for the simple pleasures in life. And of those simple pleasures is being able to love and to give. Few realize that giving is receiving. The feeling you get when giving someone a gift whether its flowers or maybe just something they needed, is indescribable. It feels in a void that no materialistic object can fill for you. It’s time this generation stops asking for so much, and gives more.  The goal with this truck is just that, creating a positive circle, embracing these majestic colorful beauties, and GIVE, GIVE, GIVE.

They’re the perfect accent to your living space, and make any place seem warm and inviting. Having fresh cut flowers makes a person feel like there is life there. There are other living organisms existing and growing and living around you. Plants provide oxygen and flowers provide smiles, seems like a plus to me.

Whether you are buying flowers for you or for someone you love, you can never go wrong with a gift that spreads good vibes and keeps on giving. Gift that gift that heals and leaves that person feeling loved, valued, and important, even if that person is YOU. A gift to yourself, is the best kind.

Happy Giving


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