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Instead of focusing on how good it feels to receive flowers, we are focusing on how good it feels to give.  Our mission was to create a floral company that embraces the feel good feelings associated with giving flowers, all while providing fresh flowers straight from the farm. There is no need for special occasions, flowers make the perfect gift no matter when given. Studies show that flowers have an immediate impact on emotions such as happiness, gratitude, and pure joy. We want to get out there and among the people, and make flower buying a fun and convenient experience. We understand what it is to have a busy lifestyle, and we know how much easier it makes it when it comes straight to you.

Flowers bring life to your home, and we want to bring that feeling straight to you. Buying unique, quality flowers was never this easy and convenient. They say what goes around, comes around, so embrace your Petal Karma!


Happy Giving 🙂

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healing petals

Studies show that flowers have been used as a holistic form of healing. They have a long term effect on moods and have been proven to make even the grumpiest people smile. Patients participating in studies have expressed feeling less depressed, agitated, and anxious just by experiencing those feel good feelings associated with receiving flowers. People who are happy, enjoy life more, and why wouldn’t you want that for anyone you love?

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